Fort lauderdale cruise port address

fort lauderdale cruise port address

Oct 10, 2019 · Despite its massive size, Port Everglades operates like a well-oiled machine, estimating an average of 45 minutes to one hour from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport to getting.
The Ellie Lady is the largest oil tanker to ever dock at Port Everglades. The more than 8.2 million gallons of jet fuel offloaded will supply Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Miami International Airport, Palm Beach International Airport and Southwest Florida International Airport in.

Website of Fort lauderdale cruise port address Port in Fort LauderdaleThe Website of Cruise Port in Fort Lauderdale is www. It's less than three miles away, and there's no shortage of taxis at the airport.

Directions to Port Everglades | Google Map | Port map of Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port

Cruisers with Global Entry cards, can skip the line; just look for the Global Entry signs. Cruise Ship Terminal Driving Directions and Parking Information Port Everglades 1850 Eller Drive Fort Fort lauderdale cruise port address, Florida 33316 Port Everglades is approximately 2 miles from Fort Lauderdale International Airport and 30 miles from Miami International Airport.

fort lauderdale cruise port address

The port is a large sea port which makes it a perfect destination for fort lauderdale cruise port address cruises. Checking In All terminals have separate check-in lines for suite staterooms that are clearly marked on the outside of the entrance.

fort lauderdale cruise port address

From there, follow the directional signs for your designated ship's pier terminal.

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