How to find owa address in exchange 2020

Posts: 18 Joined: 28.Feb.2006 Status: offline There's quite a few ways you can find it. Here's a few . Ask a user :) If HTTPS is being used you might be able to find out the name from the SSL Certificate from IIS Manager assuming it's not a wildcard certificate.
View or configure Outlook Web App virtual directories. 12/09/2016; 8 minutes to read; In this article. Applies to: Exchange Server 2013 You can use the EAC or the Shell to view or configure the properties of an Outlook Web App virtual directory.

Figure how to find owa address in exchange 2020 Important When you uncheck the SSL requirement on the Default Web Site, some of the virtual directories will inherit this configuration change. The name resolves correctly, after further how to find owa address in exchange 2020 shooting it looks like exchange has applied the change correctly and I have a routing issue between the subnet my server is on and the subnet the client is on, molan wrote: I am trying to change my internal owa url.

View or configure Outlook Web App virtual directories: Exchange 2013 Help | Microsoft Docs

And thanks for the link! For more information about the parameters for the Get-OWAVirtualDirectory cmdlet, see. All other forms of authentication default to private computer access. If don't remember or didn't set it up, find some articles and follow them for setting it up from scratch but change to your needs for updateing or changing the internal.

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