Galapagos islands adventure tours

galapagos islands adventure tours

There are 13 major islands in the Galápagos, 5 of which are inhabited, including Santa Cruz, Baltra, San Cristobal, Isabela and Santa Maria (aka Floreana). The other islands are uninhabited, but are visited by adventure travelers who eagerly photograph the many species living in their island landscapes.
Galapagos Islands Adventure Tours & Trips. Explore a wide diversity of Galapagos Islands adventure holidays. We have 128 tour packages that vary from 3 days to 15 days. With the greatest number of departures in December, this is also the most popular time of the year.

What kinds of birds are found on galapagos islands adventure tours Galápagos Islands?

galapagos islands adventure tours

ChathamIsabela, and Floreana a. We can help you find a tour often times at a last minute discount.

galapagos islands adventure tours

For detailed ideas on how to explore the islands yourself, check out our article on. Our services are FREE to you.

galapagos islands adventure tours

In both the Galapagos and Ecuador Quito and Guayaquilthere are businesses that operate entirely on selling last minute cruise tickets.

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