Galapagos islands g adventures

galapagos islands g adventures

GALáPAGOS ISLANDS. Snorkel with sea lions, soak up the sun with iguanas or marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds you – just a typical day in the Galápagos archipelago! Situated 965km (600 mi) off the coast of Ecuador, this isolated haven of biodiversity remains nature’s greatest science laboratory, home to a dazzling array of birds, reptiles,...
Aboard the Eden, the latest addition to G Adventures' Galápagos fleet, you'll visit islands in the south and east, observing an incredible array of rare animal species along the way. Spot marine iguanas in the lagoons of Floreana Island, reef sharks in an underwater volcanic cone, and friendly sea lions at Isla Lobos.

Should You Book a G Adventures Galapagos Tour?

galapagos islands g adventures

While no animals can be guaranteed to be galapagos islands g adventures on any given trip, this is the one animal that is probably adventure of seas length to galapagos islands g adventures seen almost 100% of the time.

This means that a 10-day trip starting on one date will have a different route and combination of islands than another 10-day tour starting on a different date, even if the length, starting, and galapagos islands g adventures locations are all the same.

Galápagos Islands Cruise - G Adventures

What activities galapagos islands g adventures I be doing during my G Adventures Galapagos cruise? Arriving in the Galapagos Islands Because all G Adventure tours to the Galapagos start in Quito, all tours include your flight from Quito to galapagos islands g adventures Galapagos. This is galapagos islands g adventures to rules enacted by the government of Ecuador, which requires all tour operators to rotate the islands they visit so various islands are not overwhelmed with visitors.

galapagos islands g adventures

You enter the zodiac at the back of the ship and take the zodiac to shore.

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