Cruise ship talent agency

cruise ship talent agency

Jan 01, 2014 · Entertainment Agencies that Represent Cruise Ship Entertainers January 1, 2014 July 17, 2016 by cruisejobs Although it is not a requirement to be represented by an entertainment agency in order to find a cruise ship job, some performers choose to utilize and pay a commission to an agency for their services.
cruise ship musicians Your journey starts here. Get paid to play on board a 5-star cruise ship while you travel the globe! Now booking cruise ship musicians, bands and entertainers on the top cruise lines.

If you are cruise ship talent agency musician, singer, band or act who has what it takes, we will get back to you within 1-2 days of your contacting us.

cruise ship talent agency

Including, over 11 different production shows, alongside a number of light entertainment and musicians! If you're wondering whether a position on board one of Landau Music's ships is for you, cruise ship talent agency me, you'll be in great hands!

After all the time I spent to reach a promoter, I cruise ship talent agency to conclusion, that I must cruise ship talent agency a very bad in sales. This opportunity is perfect if you enjoy the variety of live theatre and you are looking for a new and exciting challenge, view the full role description.

cruise ship talent agency

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