Ship job recruitment agency

ship job recruitment agency

Although applying directly with a cruise line is one way to land a job at sea, using cruise ship recruitment agencies is also recommended. Get to know the role of these recruiters and the relationship they have with the cruise lines.
Free emails with tips and advice on how to get a job on-board a cruise ship.. Recruitment Agents.. Free Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs is available in the following.

The agencies listed below are the only agencies authorized by Princess Cruises to recruit on our behalf, and their activity ship job recruitment agency this web page by our corporate office.

ship job recruitment agency

Entry requirements The travel benefits of these positions are a major attraction. If the agency gives their stamp of approval this could mean the difference of getting a second interview or not.

ship job recruitment agency

They are partners with Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Oceania Cruises, and Crystal Cruises. Make sure it is complete and free from errors.

ship job recruitment agency

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