Top paying travel nurse agencies

top paying travel nurse agencies

Traveling healthcare professionals are making TOP industry pay (a larger paycheck) with Millenia Medical Staffing, all while being able to travel and see the country. We pay the highest rates in the industry for your specialty, and with our generous bonuses for referrals and loyalty incentives, our healthcare professionals are making up to $100,000 annually and more!
We Place Thousands of RNs in Many of the Best Paying Travel Nursing Agency Jobs in the US Top compensation packages. Free private housing or generous housing subsidy. Health, Life, Dental & Vision Insurance with Day 1 Options. Weekly payroll. Referral bonuses. Reimbursed state licensure fees.. top paying travel nurse agencies

For example, the contract between the agency and hospital may stipulate that a portion, or even all of the billable revenue is due to the agency if the strike is not officially top paying travel nurse agencies by one week prior to scheduled start date.

Offers license reimbursement as well as VisaScreen and NCLEX-RN exam reimbursement for international travelers.

top paying travel nurse agencies

Top paying travel nurse agencies it is important to find a company that serves the city or cities you want to travel to. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to definitively determine THE highest paying agency.

top paying travel nurse agencies

Understanding how this plays out is a little more complex than it sounds, but understanding the issues at play top paying source nurse agencies help you find higher paying agencies.

They staff everyone from secretaries to engineers.

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