Odyssey lake michigan dinner cruise

odyssey lake michigan dinner cruise

Departing from Navy Pier, Odyssey Lake Michigan is a tri-deck yacht featuring lunch, brunch, and dinner cruises on Michigan. Come aboard for good food, impeccable service, and incredible views of Chicago's iconic skyline.
Cruising year-round from Navy Pier, Odyssey Chicago offers a variety upscale of lunch, brunch, dinner, and cocktail cruises. Join us on the water for the best views of Chicago's iconic skyline

The feel on these lakefront dinner cruises is more of a high-energy party, with comfortable, stylish attire encouraged.

odyssey lake michigan dinner cruise

Tip: In the summer, fireworks are launched off Navy Pier each Wednesday and Saturday evening.

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Here special occasions, you can enhance your meal with add-ons like jumbo shrimp cocktail, a seafood tower, or lobster odyssey lake michigan dinner cruise.

Enjoy dinner, dancing, and take in stunning skyline views with Odyssey Lake Michigan Fireworks Dinner Cruises, departing from Navy Pier.

odyssey lake michigan dinner cruise

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