Genting dream cruise penang langkawi

genting dream cruise penang langkawi

GENTING DREAM, the inaugural ship is coming to SINGAPORE GENTING DREAM DREAM CRUISE LINE first ship, Genting Dream is a vessel for your dreams—it features all the comfort of authentic Asian hospitality, combined with the finest experiences from around the world.
The 99-island Langkawi, a UNESCO Global Geopark, will amaze with a landscape of rainforest, mangroves, lakes, mountaintops and beaches named among the world’s best. You’ll depart with lasting memories from a magical destination – and shopping bags full of treasures from this duty-free port. Genting Dream

It would be best if you packed something formal.

genting dream cruise penang langkawi

If your itinerary has more travelersthey would have to be accommodated in multiple cabins. THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES We use cookies to ensure the best possible use of our website, for web analytics and to tailor content to your interests.

genting dream cruise penang langkawi

What are the allowed Occupancies in a Cruise Cabin? Gratuities charge policy is subject to change at any time.

genting dream cruise penang langkawi

For visa requirements, please check the.

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