Genting dream cruise price malaysia

genting dream cruise price malaysia

Dec 03, 2017 · Dream Cruise first starting departure from Singapore! Dream Cruises, the first-ever Asian luxury cruise line, today announced the maiden cruise itinerary for Genting Dream, the cruise line’s inaugural ship purpose-built for the China and Asia cruise market.
This promotion applies to Genting Dream's 5N (Sun), 4N (Mon), 3N (Sun & Fri) & 2N (Mon & Wed) cruises. The 1st guest per cabin is charged at Genting Dream Summer Cruise Fare. The 2nd guest gets free base fare. The 3rd and 4th guests are charged 25% of 1st guest's promo fare. Infant is charged 25% of 1st guest rate upon 2 paying guests.

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genting dream cruise price malaysia

You can include gratuities in your online booking. A new perspective Cruising opens your eyes to new horizons as you experience travel from a new perspective. You may refer to our on how to manage your preferences.

genting dream cruise price malaysia

Book Dream cruises from Mumbai and get best genting dream cruise price malaysia. This cruise ship offers a high level of comfort and authentic Asian hospitality combined with the finest world-class experiences from around the world.

genting dream cruise price malaysia

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