Genting dream cruise schedule 2020

genting dream cruise schedule 2020

GENTING DREAM ITINERARIES: 2N Malacca(Port Dickson) (Wed): Sep 18 / Oct 9, 28*, 30 / Nov 20 / Dec 11, 18 / 2020 Sailings: Feb 19, 26 / Mar 4, 11, 25 / Apr 8, 22 / May 13, 20 / Jun 3, 17, 24 / Jul 8, 15, 22 / Aug 5, 19 / Sep 2, 16, 23 / Oct 14, 21 / Nov 4, 11 *Departs on Monday and returns on Wednesday
Sailing Period: 10 Nov 2019 to 3 Apr 2020. This promotion applies to Genting Dream's 5N (Sun), 4N (Mon), 3N (Sun, Wed) & 2N (Wed, Sun) cruises. The 1st guest per cabin is charged at Genting Dream Winter Cruise Fare. The 2nd guest gets free base fare. The 3rd and 4th guests are charged 50% of 1st guest's promo fare. genting dream cruise schedule 2020

The full-service bar offers spirits, cocktails, beers, wines, fresh-made snacks. At every turn, expect genting dream cruise schedule 2020 comfort and pleasure that redefines the cruise experience: - Be pampered in genting dream cruise schedule 2020 fittings — in fact, more than 70% of cabins are balcony staterooms.

Each minisub carries 1 pilot and up to 4 passengers link a time.

genting dream cruise schedule 2020

Bintan is the largest of a total of 3,200 islands making up Riau Archipelago of Indonesia and possesses an eclectic mix of cultures and ethnicities, such as Malay, Chinese, Bugis, genting dream cruise schedule 2020 native tribes. The 2-week was based on the World Dream ship 2-day weekend mini-cruise specials and included numerous road shows held in key MTR locations.

Cruise itinerary program Genting Dream has 3 official homeports -and.

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