Genting dream palace suite review

genting dream palace suite review

Review: Genting Dream cruise Dream Palace. Dream’s butler service is exclusive to guests of Dream Palace, a 142-suite section of the ship with private facilities.
Mar 29, 2018 · On the Genting Dream, the Interior Stateroom is literally a sleeping pod at 13sqm. The slightly bigger Ocean View (16sqm) is much cheerier. But for a 2-night de-stressor getaway, my choice was naturally the Balcony Class. Until we heard about the Dream Palace concept.

I ordered pancakes and they were cold, my dad ordered a omelet with everything included and it was plain. Once we arrived, we realised that it was a set menu.

Palace Suite|Premium Cruises in Asia| Dream Cruises (Hong Kong)

It is such attention to detail that Mr Brown hopes will give his company an edge in the Asian cruise market.

The buffet spread was quite decent, not genting dream palace suite review ordinary buffet which I had before.

genting dream palace suite review

Dinner was at Mark Best Restaurant. Another hour later, and we are finally I took the opportunity to take a look at The Lido during their afternoon tea break.

genting dream palace suite review

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  1. We were a bit cold the first night outdoors dropped to 36 by morning but it was our own fault since we didn't realize a...

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