Genting dream tripadvisor

genting dream tripadvisor

I have just returned from a cruise with Genting Dream from 24 to 26 Nov 2017. It was very disappointing. Checking in took a long time as all the staff were part-timers and had little or no information of what they should do. They gave wrong instructions as to when we
The Genting Dream is a beautifully built cruise ship. We went on the 5 day trip to Bali. Embarkation went well, however disembarkation was delayed almost an hour and a half

But be careful - cos' instead of the initial intended Patong Bay docking genting dream tripadvisor Phuket - the ship could not enter due to others, and hence genting dream tripadvisor outside and we genting dream tripadvisor to take small boat and docked in Phuket Port, 1 hour away from Patong - hence the pre-arranged driver had to detour and 1 hr wasted.

genting dream tripadvisor

My advice is to avoid Genting Dream see more all cost, it's really not worth the money. Some slides are long and the time meter my timings at the end of each slides displayed genting dream tripadvisor. All the complimentary restaurants have specific mealtime and none was opened for long hours genting dream tripadvisor till late at night.

Other activities like Water slides, Rope course, Zipline, Wall Climbing etc.

genting dream tripadvisor

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