Genting dream vs royal caribbean

genting dream vs royal caribbean

Planning your holidays on a cruise but unsure about which cruise line to choose? Get a detailed comparison between Genting Dream(Dream Cruises) - Voyager of the Seas(Royal Caribbean International)
2 queries: 1. Planning a 2-3 night cruise but unsure of which one is better- A 2 night Genting dream cruise to nowhere or A Royal Caribbean 3 N with dock at Port Klang.. Want to know which one is better in terms of experience and entertainment.

The problem is, sometimes the food in that session is so bad we are not full!!!

RD Trippin' - Join Us Onboard the Genting Dream Cruise

If want gamble, book cheapest room clock point and redeem free room go can Liao. Taking the train is more troublesome and also require getting a taxi partway.

genting dream vs royal caribbean

They also do not provide room service or allow takeaway!!! The ship itself looks really good — beautiful inside and out but its a shame you had a rough experience genting dream vs royal caribbean the food.

genting dream vs royal caribbean

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