Halong bay day trip price

halong bay day trip price

Answer 1 of 16: With time constraints, we can only do a 1 day trip to Halong bay from Hanoi in Oct. Could you please recommend a reputable company to use and what the approx cost would be per person sharing a shuttle bus.
I was told, on our trip to Hanoi, that we must see Halong Bay. Since we didn't have a lot of time, we chose the day cruise. Our guide was Benjamin. He was energetic and funny and very informative. The ride to the bay, and back was very long, but I expected it, so it wasn't too bad. I found it very interesting, seeing the Vietnamese countryside. halong bay day trip price

Just as we arrived the heavens opened up with a drenching rainstorm. Ha Long Bay is a stunning destination, lush, magical and peaceful.

Only disappointment was a driver.

halong bay day trip price

It looked fantastic and very luxurious. I love Disney, but this is getting really annoying.

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