The genting dream

the genting dream

Genting Dream is a cruise ship of Dream Cruises. She was initially ordered as Genting World for Star Cruises. The ship is designed for the Asian cruise market. The ship has a length of 335.33 metres (1,100 ft 2 in), a width of 39.7 metres (130 ft), a size of 150,695 GT, and a top speed of over 23 knots.
genting dream DREAM CRUISE LINE first ship, Genting Dream is a vessel for your dreams—it features all the comfort of authentic Asian hospitality, combined with the finest experiences from around the world.

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The Balcony Deluxe stateroom comes with an impeccably designed interior with thoughtfully selected amenities. Our ships features six slides to experience; gentler ones for the family faster ones for thrill-seekers.

the genting dream

the genting dream Somewhere along the way, we added the genting dream the genting dream crazy kids to the squad who act as third wheels on our travels and date nights.

Grab a few random shipmates, put on some white threads and head on over to this four-lane GLOW in the the genting dream bowling alley. Other activities include inspirational speeches and wine tasting to enrich passengers' time at sea.

Get them in on the sunset foam party held at Zouk Beach Club or have them meet a real-life mermaid and even learn how to swim like one.

the genting dream

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