Ncl getaway tour

ncl getaway tour

Sail Norwegian Getaway and discover the excitement of Freestyle Cruising. Explore our cruise ship deck plans to discover all Norwegian Getaway has to offer on your next cruise vacation.
Norwegian Getaway blends a lot of adult spaces with kid-friendly activities, so passengers are a mix of couples, families -- both nuclear and multigenerational -- and groups of friends. Getaway's...

I'll close with a line you'll hear often if you choose to Getaway on your next big adventure.

ncl getaway tour

We had never been on this cruise before. Once we did, however, click ship was beautiful.

There are plenty of activities on-board, such as pirate golf, a suspension obstacle coarse, which included a "walk the plank" option and small zipline, and a ncl getaway tour wall.

ncl getaway tour

We were escorted from then on and no more lines. A couple of weeks before our scheduled cruise we were given our flight itinerary.

Set off from the rest of the ncl getaway ncl getaway tour, the Vibe Beach Club and Thermal Suite spa lounge provide sanctuary, but you'll pay for the privilege.

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