Norwegian getaway food menus

norwegian getaway food menus

Norwegian Getaway menus. Menus from the main dining rooms and specialty restaurants on Norwegian Cruise Line's cruise ship Norwegian Getaway.
Norwegian Getaway Dining: See what cruise experts had to say about Norwegian Getaway specialty restaurants and food on Cruise Critic. norwegian getaway food menus

Another top pick, especially for the Princess, we have always norwegian getaway food menus satisfied with our choices when dining at this venue.

Teppanyaki This Japanese-style hibachi norwegian getaway food menus link another one of norwegian getaway food menus favorites. You also get to meet the chef and tour the galley. The Norwegian getaway food menus does take reservations for its passengers, which is a nice perk, particularly if the ship is at capacity.

norwegian getaway food menus

Even kids benefit from the norwegian getaway food menus atmosphere -- they're given tablets to play with for the length of the meal. The dinner menu is a set 3 course meal with an appetizer, entree, and dessert trio. There are a la carte costs associated with these desserts.

norwegian getaway food menus

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